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Your Take on Tiger...and the coverage

March 30, 2009

The numbers are in: The overnight ratings last night were higher than any golf telecast since the U.S. Open. Common denominator, Tiger Woods. And yet something in the victory and the



Dear Editor,>

Sean O'Hair didn't get beat by Tiger Woods on Sunday as much as he simply lost. Here is a guy who dropped six strokes to par in the last 22 holes. You cannot win any golf tournament playing like that. Heck, you start an event like that, you wouldn't see many weekends.>

I'll be honest and state I was pulling for him. He has a heartbreaking story and a lot of game. I think it obvious though he has not yet developed the ability to shut out the demons and confidently trust his considerable talents.>

I would never slight Tiger's win at Bay Hill. There is no one who succeeds as the pressure accumulates more than he does. And in golf pressure doesn't suddenly appear, it builds and builds, gathering momentum and importance as the round concludes. He feeds on it, getting stronger and more focused as others loose their ability to perform. It was unfortunate; Sean had to serve as the classic example of failure in the face of Tiger's dominance. Sadly, some players seem to never get over that experience.>

More to the point--what I find increasingly pathetic is Johnny Miller's gushing commentary all weekend over Tiger. What is it with NBC? Johnny sounds like Chris Matthews on MSNBC with his "thrill" running up his leg. Though for Miller, it's not the President but Tiger who is the magic cause of it all. Please, Johnny and Dan, we all know how great you think Tiger is and we mostly agree, but a little on-air objectivity can't be that difficult to pull off.>

On Tiger's bunker shot from under the lip on No. 17, Johnny tells us that "no other player in golf can make that shot." Come on! His play at that par 3 cost him a stroke to par, yet it was a "one of kind" shot. I saw a poor tee ball and a swing-for-the-fences bunker shot, yet by listening to Miller and the "boys" you would think it was heroic. It could have cost him the win against a more seasoned opponent.>

In retrospect, the one commentator it seems we didn't hear enough from and who was uniquely and refreshingly accurate was Dottie Pepper. The stand-out observation from the broadcast came from her just as Sean was about to strike his second shot from the left rough on 16. Last to hit his approach, his single goal had to be, don't be short. She noted, based on the line selected by Sean and his caddie, it was another six yards to carry the hazard. Not three seconds later, as the ball is in flight at its apex, and right on cue, you hear his caddie say "GO!" Show's over folks…don't give away the ending. Thanks Dottie, great call.>

Richard Miller>

Cary, NC>



Dear Editor,>

The only reason Woods has won another tournament is because the overnight leader>

FAILED TO SHOOT A PAR ROUND OF GOLF. How many times has this happened? Have the stats looked up.>

And, if I hear any more about Woods' knee operation, I'll scream. Singh, Appleby, Mediate all have had knee operations at the same time and no mention. Scott had a broken bone in his hand. Other golfers had injury problems, so please give the Woods' knee a rest.>


Ron Field>

Morton, WA



Dear Editor,>

After watching Tiger Woods win another tournament, it finally dawned on me the difference between him and everyone else that plays golf.>

He's the only person who has ever been able to work the ball--after he has hit or putted it.>

Terry N. Higgins>

Great Falls, MT.


I understand what you--especially Ron Field--is saying: The other guy collapsed. This was not Trevino against Nicklaus at Winged Foot. It was not Watson vs. Nicklaus at Turnberry or Pebble Beach. It wasn't even Bob May against Woods at Valhalla. It was Sean O'Hair dumping one in the drink just when he needed a safety. The same Sean O'Hair who couldn't find a fairway on the front nine. Say what you like, though, Tiger did what he had to. Would you bet--had O'Hair played more solidly--that Woods wouldn't have been there at the end?

Bad bet.

--Bob Carney