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Your take: Did the groove rule matter?

November 19, 2010

This week marked the official end of the PGA Tour season and with it the first year the pros played with the new, less-aggressive grooves. What was the impact? Judging by the statistics and after speaking with several players, not much -- at least on the golf course -- as most statistics stayed relatively close to what they had been in previous years and players noted how quickly they were able to adapt.

Off the course, there was the early-season controversy over the old Ping Eye 2 wedge being allowed (Ping later bailed out the PGA Tour by agreeing to let the tour keep that club out of play) and manufacturers were left scrambling to come up with new groove configurations that would satisfy their customers in the coming years.

So, did anyone watching the pros either in person or from the comfort of their couch notice a difference? Is so (or even if not), we'd like your take on the topic.

*-- E. Michael Johnson