Your one-week college football star of the week: Cincinnati's social media manager wins the internet

The biggest win of the weekend in college football was not Ohio State's beatdown of Michigan State, it wasn't Florida's home upset of Auburn or Michigan's grind-it-out W over Iowa. It certainly wasn't Stanford stunning Washington or SMU starting the year 6-0 with an overtime victory over Tulsa. No, the biggest win came on Friday night, when Cincinnati took down No. 18 UCF 27-24, effectively silencing the Knights and their fanbase that just discovered the school had a football team in 2017.

The loss should take nothing away from the Knights' remarkable run over the last two seasons. Going 25-1, with the only loss coming in a bowl game against LSU, as a non Power 5 team is flat out incredible. But to go around declaring yourselves national champions like they did after the 2017 season opened them up to waves of criticism. They had to know the day would come when they'd revert to a 10-3 AAC team, which gets you a nice pat on the head and an invite to the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparillia Bowl.

Cincinnati was prepared for this day all along, and they were more than ready to pounce if they were able to pull off the upset at Nippert Stadium on Friday night. Less than an hour after they did, the Bearcats' social media manager, who is our one-week college football star of the week for Week 6, hit send on what may go down as the tweet of the year in college football:

Twitter is a cesspool of recycled jokes and "you hate to see it" might be the most overused of them all (right up there with "rent free in your head"), so to somehow figure out a way to use that joke in a unique way is almost impossible. Whoever the Bearcats social media manager is pulled off the impossible, tying in the Disney opening credits (because UCF is in Orlando) and throwing in "you hate to see it" as the big reveal at the end. I'm not sure what everyone who first watched the video was expecting, but I can tell you they were all pleasantly surprised when YHTSI came up at the end. You really do hate to see UCF drop two of three games and fall out of the top 25 after winning a fake national title just two years ago.

The video is now closing in on 3 million views, nearly 24,000 retweets and over 80,000 likes. Job well done, Cincinnati Twitter person.

Honorable Mentions

Kansas knitting girl

Knitting>Watching Kansas football. The joke writes itself. But that's not the real reason we're including her in honorable mentions. The real reason is that she ignited a knitting vs. crocheting debate in the replies. Heroic stuff for the crochet community:

Do not, I repeat, do NOT try and mess with the crochet community. You lose that battle. You lose that battle nine times out of 10.

The Virginia Tech puker

That's how watching this game felt. Complete puke fest. Those two teams STINK.

Mack Brown

This has to be Mack's third or fourth appearance in honorable mentions. As long as he keeps on dancing, we'll continue to take notice. No team has ever had more fun starting the season 3-3 than this North Carolina team.