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How'd Your Team Do, Twitter Edition: Dak Prescott is still going to get PAID, and that's just delightful to think about

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys

Ronald Martinez

After a 3-0 start that included victories over the New York Giants (who would be 0-5 if not for Daniel Jones), the Washington Redskins (who are 0-5 and just fired Jay Gruden), and the Miami Dolphins (who would be lucky to finish the season 1-15), many anointed the Dallas Cowboys as a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Even funnier was that some believed Dak Prescott was an MVP candidate, thus placing him in the same league as Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson. I'm not exaggerating. Look at this shit:

What in tarnation? The worst part about this is that it was after Week 4, immediately following the Cowboys' first loss of the season to the New Orleans Saints. That night Prescott went 22-for-33 for 223 yards, zero touchdowns and one interception, posting a rating of 73.2. Dallas scored 10 points. MVP-level stuff!

To win an MVP, or make it to the Super Bowl, at some point you're going to have to play well against some good teams, something Prescott has struggled mightily with since his incredible rookie season in 2016. On Sunday, he followed up his gross performance against the Saints with one of his worst games as a pro against the Green Bay Packers, throwing three picks and putting in Dallas in a 31-3 hole they could never crawl out of. I'll give Dak credit, they tried, and even had a chance to cut the lead to seven with just under two minutes left, but a missed field goal by Brett Maher was the final nail in the Cowboys' coffin. Prescott ended up with 463 yards passing and a pair of TDs, but even Eli Manning could post those numbers against a prevent defense for the entire second half.

Allow the great Dan Orlovsky to break it down for us:

Not great, Bob! Folks on Twitter seem to believe that Prescott has significantly hurt his value these last two weeks, as he's still in the midst of negotiating a contract extension with Jerry Jones. While that may be true, Jones has to pay him either way, which is the funniest part of all for anyone who isn't a Cowboys fan. Much like the Minnesota Vikings with Kirk Cousins, Dallas is stuck with Dak. What we should do is stop making fun of him, hope that he has a few more good games and watch as Jerry pays him top-5 quarterback money for barely-top-15 quarterback play. Like Lucky Charms, that'd be magically delicious.

So make your jokes now you jokey-joke makers. Starting on Monday, we encourage Jones to break out the Brinks truck for Prescott. It's what Cowboys fans deserve:

We'll leave you with this video from Stephen A. Smith, who can tweak Dallas and their fans with the best of them. Take it away, SAS!