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Your golf round, as explained by emojis

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Golf is a universal language. You don't need to speak English, French, Spanish, or Catonese to understand a birdie vs. a bogey. But in those moments when words fail on the course, don't panic. There is an emoji for everything. From joy to remorse to utter bewilderment, the spectrum of emotions one can convey in digital form neatly maps the range one experiences on the golf course. Which brings up the inevitable question: What do these emojis mean in a golf context? Thankfully our handy pictionary is here to help ...

😯: You're playing the club champ in the first round.

🤔: Guy says he's a 16 but he hits it 320 off the tee.

🍀 : It bounced back in the fairway!

☠️: There's water there.

👆: One up.

👇: One down

🖕: Why would you even ask me that?

🤐: If anyone asks, we were home sick.

😴: Wire-to-wire winner.

🙈: Your playing partner's reverse pivot.

💩: Your back nine.

🙏 : Here's hoping we didn't hit anyone.

🤑: When you win the closeout, press, AND the junk.

🍗: We need to see you putt that.

🎲: We can try to get on without a tee time, but it's iffy. . . .

🐢: We're never playing with him again.