Your FedEx Cup views

September 14, 2009

Until Tiger won so convincingly yesterday, we'd received few letters this year on the re-vamped FedEx Cup. If you were withholding judgement until now, your withholding is over.


A Massachusetts reader thinks the Tour doesn't understand.....

Dear Editor, Unfortunately, those responsible for the FedEx Cup still don't understand what playoffs are. In playoffs, if you play well you advance and if you play badly, you don't. The following players who finished in the top 10 at the BMW Championship did not advance: Garcia (6), Villegas (8), Wilson (10), Snedecker (10) and Kuchar (10). On the other hand, the following players who finished in the bottom 10 did advance - Glover (66), Yang (65). In addition, Olgilvy (55), Stricker (53) and Kelly (55) also advanced. It's okY to carry points, but performance is what should count. Mike Suvalle Framingham, MA

...and a North Carolina reader is sure that he and his friends don't.


Dear Editor,>

In discussion with numerous golfers there seems to be a lack of understanding just how the winner of FedEx Cup is determined. They don't understand the how the adjustments are made for individuals at the beginning and during the final four tournaments. >

I believe your readers would appreciate an explanation of how the winner of the FedEx Cup is determined.>

Robert J. Schullery>

Thomasville, NC


We've tried to explain it andcertainly NBC has. But reader Suvalle may have the reasons it's difficult to grasp these playoffs: because they aren't really playoffs--at least not in the sense of win or go home. Golf World's John Hawkins deals with that issue in the next issue of Golf World and on Golfdigestcom.

Can the Tour afford a system that could potentially eliminate its star? Honestly, I don't think there is a system that can do that. But if Tiger were willing to risk it, the rest of us certainly could.

--Bob Carney