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Your daily Donald Trump golf news: Magnate threatens to pull $300 million Turnberry investment


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January 07, 2016

As we've seen earlier this week, Donald Trump is not a bastion of truth. So take this latest news with a grain of salt.

The Republican presidential candidate is facing a ban from the United Kingdom due to his comments, which the country has deemed "hate speech." If he is denied entry -- the debate will be held in British parliament on Jan. 18 -- Trump is threatening to pull $1 billion in Scotland investments.

“Any action to restrict travel would force the Trump Organization to immediately end these and all future investments we are currently contemplating in the United Kingdom,” read a statement from Trump's office.

This includes $300 million towards Trump Turnberry, which has hosted the British Open four times. Turnberry was recently pulled from consideration for the 2020 event due to Trump's controversial statements.

“Westminster would create a dangerous precedent and send a terrible message to the world that the United Kingdom opposes free speech and has no interest in attracting inward investment,” the Trump Organization continued. “This would also alienate the many millions of United States citizens who wholeheartedly support Mr. Trump and have made him the forerunner by far in the 2016 presidential election.”