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You'll be singing 'Radar Love' when you check out the new version of TrackMan

September 13, 2015

The TrackMan launch monitor has been hailed by Golf Digest as an example of one of the 60 biggest innovations in golf since 1950. It has been an important tool not only in golf club and ball development since its introduction in 2003, but also a vital source of data for clubfitters and instructors as they search for a more efficient impact on the golf swing.

Now, the company has launched its most significant upgrade with the new TrackMan 4 (about $19,000). It takes the TrackMan IIIe ball-flight-monitoring radar technology and adds a second, ultra-high frequency radar focused exclusively on the clubhead.

The second radar provides newly enhanced data on parameters like clubhead speed, face angle, attack angle and dynamic loft. The new unit is lighter (6.2 pounds) and can be connected to as many as six external cameras. The company says the TrackMan 4 has accuracy downrange of plus/minus 1.5 feet at 160 yards.