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You won't believe how much damage some teens did by playing "bumper cars" with golf carts

February 19, 2016

Ah, the late-night golf cart joy ride. It's a staple of rebellious youth. But a group of teens in Michigan last year took the activity way, WAY too far. And now, they're paying the price.

Michigan Live reports two of the four teens involved in October's shenanigans at Cedar Chase Golf Club in Grand Rapids pleaded guilty earlier this week. The other two are still awaiting their fates.

This reckless foursome did serious damage to the course, tearing up turf and and destroying six golf carts of the 22 they drove around and used to play "bumper cars." Just how much damage? Try $37,500 worth.

"I can imagine they were at it for quite a long time, and they had to be hitting things very hard to do the amount of damage they did," course general manager Michael Card said. "I really don't know how one of them didn't get injured."

Despite all the costly damage, the four teens aged 17-19 wound up getting caught for making a little change. They stole cans and bottles from the storage building and were identified on security footage when they redeemed them. It also didn't help that they bragged about what they did at school.

The teens were officially charged with malicious destruction of property involving $20,000 or more and breaking and entering a building with intent, both of which are felonies punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Because of their relatively young ages, the two that took guilty pleas had the second charge dropped, will cover the damages and will have their records kept clean once they serve a probationary term. Sounds like a pretty good deal.