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You won't believe how far Chicago Cubs rookie Kyle Schwarber can hit a golf ball -- with a baseball swing

October 08, 2015

If you watched Wednesday night's National League Wild Card Game between the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates, you saw Kyle Schwarber's Ruthian home run. If not, check out the rookie's big blast that completely left PNC Park and helped give the Cubs a 4-0 win to advance to the divisional series:

It probably won't surprise you to know that the 22-year-old power hitter can also hit a golf ball a long way. What will surprise you is that he can do it using a setup and swing almost identical to the one that produced Wednesday night's clout. Check it out:

Holy hand-eye coordination! If we are to believe the video's description -- and why wouldn't we based on how long the ball seems to stay in the air? -- Schwarber connected on a drive of 370 yards. His reaction, like his contact, was perfect.

"Gone. That's gone. . . . It went over the green!"

And how about that club toss, which was similar to the bat flip he displayed in his first playoff game? Yep, Schwarber's got swagger.

As far as we can tell, Schwarber doesn't have a nickname yet. . . And long drive legend Sean "The Beast" Fister retired from competitions on Wednesday. . . Kyle "The Beast" Schwarber? Done.