24 Hours Til SaturdayMay 13, 2016

You Need The Punch Out. Master it.

When I hit a ball into deep trouble, all I want is a chance to make a swing. Whenever a golfer can swing the club, there will be a way out, however small, be it forward, backward, left or right. If the ball sits on an upslope, you might have a chance to hit it high, maybe through a gap in the trees, like I'm doing here. I call this *una ventana de oportunidad* (a window of opportunity). You also need a pretty good lie. If you're confident you have those elements, go for it. Keep your balance, and once you've made the commitment to play it, be decisive in the way you hit it. This might be a better option than a penalty drop.

We wish we could guarantee you a round full of hit fairways -- but that’s just not gonna happen. For those fateful moments you find yourself stuck behind a few trees, there’s only one shot that’s going to save you: the punch out.

Brian Crowell, the Head Professional at GlenArbor Golf Club, says that you need to do these three things to get out of the woods and back where you belong in the fairway.

  1. Pick the right club. “You don’t want a club with too much loft that’ll bring tree limbs into play,” says Crowell. Depending on how far you need to hit it, consider your 5- or 6- iron.

  2. Play the ball back in your stance. This will help you catch the ball on the downswing, resulting in a lower flight that’ll run out.

  3. “Make sure your hands drive through, ahead of the ball at impact,” says Crowell. This will ensure that the ball will stay low.