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You Have Charley Hull's Training Aid In Your Bag

Charley Hull, a 20-year-old LPGA player from the UK, posted a video of this drill on her Instagram. She’s one of the better players on the LPGA -- ranked 27th in the world right now -- but your iron game could benefit from this simple drill, too.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a tour player putting a headcover under their armpit. In a piece we did with Keegan Bradley, he described the drill as being all about swing path.

This drill teaches an inside-to-inside swing path. If you’re someone who brings it way inside on the way back, and then has to loop it at the top to be able to bring it back down square, this could be a good drill for you.

To do this drill, Bradley says to put a headcover under your left armpit. “Try and keep it there as long as you can during the swing. It’ll drop eventually, but not until well after impact.”

This drill will put your club on the right path, and it’ll teach you how to swing with everything connected.

“Everything must move in sync,” says Bradley, “or the headcover drops.”

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