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You can't mangle a play-by-play call worse than this Minnesota Vikings radio announcer

September 20, 2021

If you're a Minnesota Vikings fan, our condolences. The season couldn't be off to a worse start after field goals on the final plays of their first two games went against them. But it was even a rougher beginning for one Vikings fan in particular. And he just happens to wield a microphone.

Introducing Paul Allen, the team's radio play-by-play announcer and a homer extraordinaire. That homerism is surely enjoyed by many Minnesota fans, but it came back to bite him on Sunday. Badly.

Allen rooted on and celebrated Greg Joseph's game-winning attempt against the Arizona Cardinals like you'd expect him to. There was just one small problem: Joseph missed the kick. Have a look—and more importantly—a listen:

Absolutely hysterical. You can't mangle a play-by-play call more than that. Well, maybe John Sterling. Although to be fair to John, he's 83. Allen doesn't have that excuse.

And how about the "Ugh, he missed it by like a foot. Oh my god"? When you miss a kick from inside 40 yards, they always look like that, but this one wasn't even particularly close!

Anyway, it was a wild game that happened to coincide with another play-by-play man, Gus Johnson, calling his first NFL game in over a decade. Of course, Gus, no stranger to wild games, nailed the call. We just hope no one driving around listening to Allen nailed anything on the road.