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You can win a $2.6 million mansion with a three-hole golf course for just $14. Yes, there's a catch

December 18, 2017
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While rising house prices against the backdrop of stagnant salaries is becoming a genuine crisis across the globe, golfers have always battled exorbitant costs to play the game they love. But for prospective home-buying hackers, good news: the property of your dreams can be had for...well, less than a large bucket of range balls.

Yes, there's a catch.

A British man is selling off his $2.6 million mansion -- which comes with his Rolls Royce, pool, gym, fully-stocked wine cellar and a three-hole golf course -- for just $14. Or should we say, a $14 ticket, as the millionaire is raffling off the house.

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According to the Daily Mail, the anonymous millionaire is selling 500,000 chances because he thought it would be "fun." He's also a genius: if the allotted 500,000 sells out, he'll rake in $7 million. (Although he's planning on donating 20 percent to charity.)

The man and his family don't feel like dealing with the hassle of moving, so the house will come fully furnished as well.

Sadly for those in the U.S., only residents of England, Scotland and Wales are eligible for the contest. Not sure what the Scottish citizenship timeline looks like, but -- given the contest runs to the end of November, 2018 -- now's the time to investigate.