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Yes, that's the new Players champ, winner of $1.9 million, riding in the middle seat in coach

How would you spend a $1.9 million paycheck? For 2017 Players champion Si Woo Kim, who just earned nearly $2 million for his win at TPC Sawgrass on Sunday, it appears that he's not giving another cent to airlines -- just because he has a couple extra bucks.

Nope, for Kim, there were no upgrades on his flight after the Players. Not even a purchase for some extra leg room. On a crowded plane out of town, the 21-year-old sat in the middle seat in Row 30.

See, PGA Tour pros are just like all of us! (Sometimes . . .)

In tough times like the ones we live in, we admire the 21-year-old for being fiscally responsible. We wouldn't blame him for upgrading, or finding a nicer ride to his next stop. But this shows a touch of humility from the newly crowned Players champ. Bravo.