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Yes, that's Phil Mickelson about to hit a ball UNDER a fence

January 29, 2016

Earlier on Friday, we presented Phil Mickelson chopping a hybrid out of thick rough 148 yards away and bouncing his ball to within 10 feet of the hole. Little did we know that would only be his third most noteworthy shot of his round. With a hybrid.

On the very next hole, the par-5 14th at Torrey Pines' North Course, Mickelson's drive found a fairway bunker. But he whipped out his trusty hybrid, took an aggressive line over the trees, and did this to set up another birdie:

But he wasn't done using that club to get out of a jam. Another wayward drive on the par-5 18th hole wound up under a fence. Using the toe of the club, Mickelson clanged his way back in play:

Here's another tweet from the PGA Tour that describes what the scene was like:

Mickelson wasn't able to avoid making a double bogey on the hole, but hey, at least it was an eventful double bogey. OK, that's it from Phil for today. We think. . .