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This pro's shoulder setup check can quickly solve a slice-causing problem

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A lot of golfers tend to make a simple mistake when they set up to the golf ball.

If you draw a line across both their shoulders, then across both their toes, the line on the shoulders would be pointing to the left of the one on their toes

Like this.



That's a problem, because golfers tend to swing their arms—and by extension, the club—in the direction their shoulders are pointing. So, when your shoulders are pointing to the left of where the rest of your body, that means you'll swing too far to the left. Or, in other words, you'll swing over-the-top.

It's what makes this simple mistake, shoulder alignment, a common cause of slices, and pulls. It's not unique to high-handicappers, either: Even pro golfers, like Xander Schauffele, struggle with this.

Though Xander has a tip that helps him, and can help you too.

You can read about it in our Swing Thought Finder Tool here, but it's pretty simple.

  • Set up to the golf ball
  • Drop your right hand off the club
  • Lift the club up with your left hand
  • Push your right shoulder back as you do
  • Return right hand to club
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Do that, and you'll be pointing your shoulders roughly where you're intending to.

"Making sure your shoulders are square is a simple thing I focus on a lot," Xander says.

You can read the full tip, and see Xander himself demonstrate this move, in our Swing Thought Finder tool right here.