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World long drive golfer says long drivers are the best athletes on earth

June is a great month for sports. There's the ending of both the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup, the U.S. Open is next week, and of course, the World Long Drive Championship at Clash in the Canyon.

The bracket-style event came to a close on Tuesday, with Ryan Reisbeck taking home the crown after smashing a drive of 436 yards in the final to take down two-time world long-drive champion Tim Burke. The Golf Channel was on hand to broadcast the event, and while the massive drives are a sight to behold, the cameras captured something way better in between shots.

Maurice Allen, a long drive pro competing in the event, had just advanced to the semifinals to take on Reisbeck when he was grabbed for an interview. The Pine Hills, Fla. native proceeded to drop a take that would make Skip Bayless blush.

Move over LeBron, sit down Cam Newton, neither of you have anything on the long drive competition.

To be fair, Allen was definitely a little jacked up after crushing one 430 yards to advance to the semifinals. And kudos to him for the return from pneumonia and getting in a dig on Charles Barkley.

He would ultimately come up short and lose to Reisbeck, but with that type of confidence, he'll find himself in the winner's circle very soon.