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Word of the week: Hijack

March 23, 2010

Tiger Woods is hijacking the Masters by launching his comeback there, according to various news accounts.

"How typical of the man to hijack the world's most famous golf tournament," Daily Mirror columnist Oliver Holt wrote. "How could he turn Augusta into a circus like this? Does his vanity know no limits?"

"Tiger returns to hijack Masters" -- headline in the Mail & Guardian.

"Personally I would love to see Geoff Ogilvy and Ernie Els, both of whom have criticised Woods, stand up to him and tell him to his face that he should not have disrupted the WGC last month and probably should not have hijacked the Masters by making his comeback there either," John Hopkins wrote in the Times (U.K.).

Conceding for a moment that a golf tournament can be hijacked, couldn't it be said that Woods hijacked the entire sport in 1997?

Besides, if it's so important, to paraphrase former football star Duane Thomas, why are they playing another one next year?

Then there's this: Woods was invited to play. Got his invitation in the mail like every other player.

-- John Strege