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Woods has cortisone shot in right ankle

December 21, 2010

At least this December has been a little quieter than the one a year ago for Tiger Woods. But the former world No. 1 can still send the golf world into a frenzy on occasion, as he did for a brief period on Tuesday.

After reports circulated on the Internet that Woods had torn his Achilles' tendon, the player's representatives clarified that he merely had a cortisone shot in his right ankle to relieve soreness.

Woods' agent Mark Steinberg told the Associated Press the player was long scheduled to have the shot.

"This was always the plan," Steinberg said. "He's looking at 2011 as a big year for him."

Woods does have a history of Achilles problems, revealing earlier this year that he tore the tendon in his right leg in December 2008. But the circumstances apparently weren't nearly as dire this time around. Following the shot on Tuesday, the player was already back Tweeting from a commercial shoot for his video game for EA Sports.

-- Sam Weinman