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Woman makes hole-in-one during *first* ever golf lesson

November 22, 2016

Most amateurs go their entire life without making an ace, which makes sense: according to the National Hole In One Association, the odds of such an occurrence are 12,500-to-1. So if you're a long-suffering hacker who's never racked up a "1," take heed. For this woman made a hole-in-one during her first ever golf lesson:

We're a cynical world; I'm sure many of you are calling shenanigans, that this is a stunt. However, the reaction sure looks authentic, and the source -- a teaching pro named Emma Brown -- seems trustworthy. It may be a tough pill swallow for some -- my colleague Alex Myers, who's gone 34 years without an ace, threw his hands to the heavens in disgust -- but give credit where credit's due.