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Wives accidentally kill their husbands following freak golf cart crash

December 27, 2018

A vacation in Thailand has gone awry as two men have perished following a bizarre golf cart crash.

According to the AFP news agency, two South Korean couples were on a ferry crossing a river that runs through a golf course when the men, who were in the first golf cart, were accidentally rammed by a cart behind them driven by their wives. The collision knocked all four into muddy waters.

Nearby fishermen were able to save the two women, but it's believed, according to police officials, an undercurrent caught the men, leading to their death.

The bodies of Sung Jun-yong, 68, and Ha Jae-oong, 76, were eventually found after a search that included 50 rescue workers. One was found about a mile down from the accident, while the other was seen floating by a nearby village.

The couples had come to Thailand for the Christmas holidays.

CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this article inadvertently included a photograph of Yamaha branded golf cars. Yamaha golf cars were not involved in the incident, and we did not intend to imply that Yamaha golf cars were in any way involved.