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Wisconsin's Brad Davison is the new Grayson Allen (this is not a compliment)

It seems like years ago now, but Grayson Allen was terrorizing all of college basketball not that long ago, in both good and bad ways. Most people noticed the bad, as we tend to do. The trips and other assorted dirty plays, the outbursts, the sense of Duke entitlement, etc. If you loved him or hated him, there was no denying he was a draw. You simply had to see what he was going to do next.

Since he left the Blue Devils, college basketball has missed a villain-like presence, one that usually only forms at a place like Duke. When Zion Williamson chose to go to school there, we all thought it'd be him, but it turns out everybody loved him even though he wore a Duke jersey.

Fear not, agents of chaos. It appears college basketball has found its newest villain in Wisconsin guard Brad Davison, who has apparently been punching dudes below the belt for quite some time now and has gone somewhat unnoticed. There's two reasons for that: 1. He doesn't play at Duke, and 2. He's just an OK player. This combination has allowed his Ndamukong Suh-like dirtiness to fly under the radar.

But thanks to some good ol' Twitter sleuths who watched the end of Iowa-Wisconsin game Monday night, Davison has now been outed as a serial nut-tapper. With his Badgers trailing by only a point with less than a minute to play, Davison attempted to get through a screen from Iowa's Connor McCaffery, and by get through a screen I mean he punched him in the family jewels. Iowa made a layup on the play to go up 62-59, and then Wisconsin called timeout, giving officials time to go to the monitor and review the Davison play. Here's what they saw:

And a closer look:

Yikes. Davison was hit with a flagrant foul, giving Iowa two free throws and possession, all but ending the game. The Badgers, who had led 59-57 with 1:47 remaining, wound up losing 68-62.

Immediately, fans began digging up video of Davison's past transgressions and ... yup, the guy is pretty dirty:

That was from December of 2018. Here's some of his more recent work from last February:

Making matters worse was Davison saying he wasn't sure why it was a flagrant:

Pretty tough look here. Hey Brad, here's a good way to get around screen in the future: don't punch people in the you know what.