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Wilson's new golf bag is an upgrade to its NeXus line

November 22, 2015

Good carry bags function best when they’re light enough for walking, but they’re strong enough to ride on a cart when walking isn’t an option.

Wilson’s second iteration of its neXus stand bag line, the neXus II, is just that. The five-pound bag keeps many of the attributes of the original neXus—which earned a gold medal on the Golf Digest Golf-Bag Hot List—including a sturdy exo-frame structure that connects the spine, handle top, stand and base to allows them to work independently.


The biggest changes are a redesigned base that has a smaller footprint, allowing it to fit easier on a cart, and a polyester fabric for better outdoor durability. The bag has seven pockets, including a large, open pocket for a range finder.

The top is nine-by-eight inches with a five-way divider, and there are six colors. Price: $180.

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