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Wilson Golf's C300 Forged Gunmetal irons show the company's dark side


When Wilson Golf first introduced its C300 Forged irons, Jon Pergande, the company’s manager of golf club innovation, said, “We wanted a decent, good clean look. We’re starting with a look and adding distance technology to it."

Now Wilson is adding even further to that look with the introduction of a limited-edition C300 Forged with a dark, gunmetal finish.

The irons feature the same technology as the original C300 Forged. For look and feel, the offset is kept to a manageable level and the face insert is forged from soft carbon steel. To boost distance, the company again uses its hallmark “power holes” in the sole, with two rows of the urethane-filled openings in the sole up through the 8-iron. There are no holes in the topline and none at all in the 9-iron through gap wedge. The idea behind the holes being the less material that supports the face, the more the face can bend at impact.

The holes are filled with a special formulation of TE031 urethane that allows the metal to give while enhancing feel, creates a structure where 76 percent of the face is unsupported by metal. According to Wilson, the face of the C300 deflects at impact almost 60 percent more than it would on a previous generation iron without a power-hole construction.

For the C300 Forged Gunmetal, the company is using KBS’s Tour 105 shaft and Lamkin’s Crossline White grip. The cost is $1,000 for 4-iron through gap wedge.