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Will Zalatoris gets asked if he thinks he looks like Owen Wilson, promptly responds with A+ Owen Wilson impression

February 25, 2021

With four top 10s in his last 10 PGA Tour starts, it would appear as though 24-year-old Will Zalatoris has a decent future in golf. If it doesn't work out for him, though, he could always fall back on ... acting?

OK, that may be pushing it, but we can't deny how great his comedic timing was during his Wednesday press conference at the WGC-Workday. A reporter (who may or may not be our very own Shane Ryan) asked Zalatoris if anyone has ever said he looks and sounds like actor Owen Wilson. Willy Z had an absolutely perfect response:

Madden awareness: 99. So well played from Zalatoris. If anyone is not sure why this is an Owen Wilson impersonation, you need to do your YouTube research:

Woooooow indeed.