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Will Grier's finger is NOT supposed to go that way

November 18, 2017

If you've ever watched Will Grier play quarterback, whether it be at Florida or now at West Virginia, you know he's a pretty tough player. He's not afraid to stand in there and make a big-time throw, take a huge hit or, as he showed on Saturday against Texas, dive for the pylon while trying to run for a touchdown. It's very admirable for a QB, but nobody ever said it was smart.

Late in the first quarter on third and goal, Grier found some running room on the left side of the field, and extended for the pylon looking to get the Mountaineers on the board. When he popped up from the ground, he noticed his finger was going in a direction it should NOT be going in:

A few different angles for your stomach-turning pleasure:

Welp, guess I'm done eating for the rest of the day and possibly the week.

Nothing but respect for this move from Grier, who not only went for broke, but got up and walked to the sideline like a champ with his finger looking like that. Unfortunately, the officials called the touchdown off and West Virginia ended up losing possession. They've yet to score and Grier is done for the game. Talk about adding insult to injury.