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Trending: Will Ferrell the golf legend

March 29, 2012

Ron Burgundy is back! Will Ferrell made the announcement on Conan last night that a reprise of his hit comedy Anchorman is in the works, and like most people with a sense of humor, we're excited. And like most people who subscribe to some form of social networking, I'm going to use his trending status as a cheap excuse to offer up some classic Ferrell golf moments, including his best Tiger and Phil impersonations. The comedian is not only an avid golfer, he's a humanitarian through the sport, hosting his own Will Powered Golf Classic to raise money for Cancer For College. While many amateur golfers have a dream of one day playing alongside a tour professional, I like to picture myself cracking Old Milwaukee's with Ferrell, laughing and cajoling our way through 18. After all, golf is a gentleman's game, so what better way to keep it classy?

Will Ferrell announces Anchorman sequel on Conan.

Will Ferrell as Phil Mickelson

Will Farrell hosts the 2011 Will Powered Golf Classic

-- Derek Evers