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Why Tyler, The Creator created the hottest-selling "golf" clothing line when he doesn't even like golf

December 09, 2015

Meet Tyler, The Creator, a star rap artist/producer who also dabbles in fashion and TV, among other products. Oh, and he loves golf. Well, the word golf, that is.

"I don’t know, the word just looks sick," Tyler told Billboard in a 2014 interview.


Wait, that's it? Really?

"I mean, that's my least favorite sport, to be honest," Tyler said.

OK, guess that's it. Incredibly, Tyler's love of the sport's name and not the game itself has led to one of the hottest clothing lines around this holiday season. Tyler's Golf Wang (A play off Wolf Gang, a hip-hop group Tyler is part of) line has been selling out online the past couple years. To the point where the release of Golf Wang's new fall/winter 2015 line is big enough to draw media coverage. Here's a, um, sneak peek:


Again, the use of golf is ironic. We're not expecting anyone to play 18 holes in that coat, although the line's hats are golf course appropriate -- and pretty sweet we might add.

Fashion isn't Tyler's only area of creation that involves golf. Earlier this year, he launched an app called Golf Media. But before you start downloading it for swing tips, know that like his clothes, it has nothing to do with his least favorite sport, but rather, is a place to find all of his content on different platforms.

However, that does include one golf-related project. Tyler created a character, Thurnis Hayley, which appears on his Adult Swim show, Loiter Squad. Unlike Tyler, Thurnis loves golf. In fact, he loves it a bit too much. "I don't take care of none of my kids. You know why? Cause golfin' is more important," Hayley says. "You ever been to a golfin' tournament? Or would you rather see your son sing in a choir?"

Here's a longer clip. It's hysterical, provided you don't mind hearing some offensive language:

Tyler first caught our eye at the 2013 Grammys, where he wore this outfit:


Just one question, Tyler. Is that shirt still available?