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Why Tiger's squat move works for him

December 09, 2011

Last Monday, we posted a blog about Tiger's controversial dip in his swing through impact and how he and Sean Foley have embraced this critical move. We referred to the Sean Foley article that appears in the December issue of Golf Digest, but did not include a section of the article that contained Foley's explanation.

The post generated so many comments from readers, including a discussion of the pros and cons of this move and speculation as to why it increases the power that Tiger is now generating, that we thought readers might like to see what Foley himself had to say.

So here's Foley's own explanation, from the original December article:

*If you want to understand the science behind squatting, here it is: Bending your knees lengthens your quadriceps (thigh muscles), and hip flexion lengthens your glutes (buttocks). You're now in a position to contract these muscles in an upward thrust and deliver a lot of energy into the shot.

*Today, on Golf Channel's Morning Drive, Michael Breed weighed in as well. He said he liked what Tiger was doing right now with the shape of his swing. but he was referring more to his swing path going right down the line, and that's another topic for discussion. In an upcoming post, we'll examine Tiger's "Corey Pavin" type practice swings (swinging over the top and well to the left) and how he's no longer getting the club stuck behind him.

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