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Why Tiger Woods wants to 'ruin the logo' of his new Sun Day Red apparel line

May 01, 2024

Tiger Woods did a mini media tour on Tuesday and Wednesday in NYC to promote the long-awaited release of his Sun Day Red apparel line. Only he hopes the new logo doesn't last long as is.

"My goal is to ruin the logo," Woods told Carson Daly on the "Today" Show.

Say what?

OK, it will make more sense when you take a closer look at that Tiger logo. As Woods explains, it's made of 15 stripes—a nod to his 15 major championships. See?


But that, of course, is a number the ultra-competitive Woods still hopes to add to.

"I want to keep ruining the logo," Woods continued with a laugh. "If the trademark is this, then my job is to ruin it."

Told you it would make sense. Classic Tiger. And we're guessing whoever is in charge of marketing over there has sketched out tweaked logos using 16-plus stripes.

Check out the entire "Today" segment with Woods here (the part about Sun Day Red starts at the 8:24 mark):

Woods' most recent major win came at the 2019 Masters. The 48-year-old's next chance to "ruin" his new logo will come later this month at the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla, a place where he earned one of those stripes during the 2000 edition of the tournament.