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Why Patrick Cantlay really wants people to talk about his new hat

January 03, 2024

Tracy Wilcox

Patrick Cantlay's hat—or, rather, a lack thereof one—became a focus at last year's Ryder Cup. But as a new PGA Tour season gets underway this week, the golfer hopes his new headwear draws attention for a different reason.

That's because Cantlay is wearing caps with a First Responders Children's Foundation logo at Kapalua for the Sentry, which starts Thursday. The 31-year-old has a new partnership with the organization, according to Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press.

“Supporting first responders, their families and the communities they serve is very important to me,” Cantlay said. “We look forward to spotlighting the vital contributions of first responders while also tending to the unique challenges that their children and families experience.”

That message is especially impactful this week at a golf tournament being played about 10 miles from Lahaina, where deadly wildfires spread last August. Cantlay and the FRCF are launching a fundraising campaign to aid first responder families affected by that natural disaster that killed 100 people. Ferguson reports a Patrick Cantlay Scholarship will also come from this partnership. Here's a better look at the hat:


Tracy Wilcox

Cantlay became the center of controversy at the Ryder Cup in September when it was reported that he refused to wear Team USA's hats in protest of players not being paid to play in the biennial event. Cantlay has denied that report, contending the hats didn't fit him.

Regardless, the situation resulted in fans at the event taunting him, and an extra-tense finish to a Saturday match. Caddie Joe LaCava enthusiastically joined the Americans celebrating a Cantlay made putt on the final hole by walking around the green and waving his hat around, which upset opponent Rory McIlroy.

It should be noted that Cantlay has worn hats with a Goldman Sachs logo in recent years, but the bank ended its endorsement deal with the eight-time PGA Tour winner in November. Regardless, Cantlay once again has people talking about what's on his head—and this time, that can only be taken as a positive.