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Why Josh Duhamel won't play golf with Mark Wahlberg

April 18, 2017

There are all kinds of reasons a person avoids playing golf with someone, and most of those reasons are unflattering -- they're overly chatty, they cheat, they play so slow you can tell time by their shadow at address. But when actor Josh Duhamel was asked about playing golf with his Transformers co-star Mark Wahlberg, Duhamel was essentially paying Wahlberg a compliment when explaining why he wouldn't.

"Before we started the movie this time around, I was all excited to play golf with Mark, get some rounds in, but he is up way too early," Duhamel said in a recent interview with Men's Journal. "And he plays 'power rounds' of golf, which means he is running from one shot to the next. That is what he does for cardio. Then on top of that, he works a full day. The dude is a beast."

We've written before about Wahlberg's version of golf, which indeed sounds rather "beast"-like. He can play 18 holes in little more than an hour, with the caddies chasing after him in carts. Impressive stuff, but Duhamel is no dope for taking a pass.