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Who is the professional golfer that just got kicked off "The Bachelorette"?

If you're a fan of "The Bachelorette" -- or your significant other forcibly makes you a fan -- you'll know that one of the contestants most recently eliminated is a professional golfer.

Who is Nick Sutter? According to the show, he's a mini-tour pro from Orlando who doubles as a clothes model for 18 Greens.

His golf career hasn't really taken off so far, but there's still time -- he's only 28, after all. He tried and failed to get onto the Canadian Tour through Q school in 2012 as an amateur, shooting 78-79-79-71 to finish T-83. That year he also shot 82 at a local U.S. Open qualifier in Orlando. In 2010, Sutter played in 12 events on the Golf Channel Am Tour, finishing with an 83 average.

But he wasn't always a golfer. He played soccer for Indiana University in the mid-2000s, but even then admitted his love of golf when the school's athletic website asked about his other favorite sports.

"Golf. I love to play golf. I almost played golf in college instead of soccer," he said.

And if you're looking to follow some new people on Instagram or Twitter, he's pretty active on both social platforms, albeit a little filter-heavy with his pics.