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'Who does this (bleep) think he is?'

November 20, 2009

The fawning press coverage by Australian media outlets of Tiger Woods' Australian Masters appearance and performance was not universal, it turns out. Peter FitzSimons, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, demonstrably (and colorfully) took Woods to task for his temper tantrums, specifically the incident when he let go of his club and it wound up in the crowd.

"Had the likes of John Daly done the same thing, it likely would have made fierce headlines and drawn extremely negative comment from all and sundry," FitzSimons wrote. "But because it was Woods, the fawning television commentators all but ignored it, as did most of the golf writers. The question has to be asked though - who does this (bleep) think he is? And how does he get away with it? Is there not some level of responsibility that goes with being the best in the world, to not behave like a petulant prig?"

The bleep is ours, not FitzSimons'. He used a word that would not find its way into mainstream U.S. publications.

-- John Strege