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Which Irons Are Right For You?

March 18, 2019

Investing in a set of irons takes know-how and legwork. You need to shop around, do comparison testing and get fitted to make sure you’re achieving the best-possible performance from the irons you finally select. One part of the process is easy, though: Choosing TaylorMade. It offers an iron model for every kind of player and skill level. Which one is best for you depends on what you’re specifically looking for.

If distance, high ball trajectory and forgiveness matter most to you, then give serious consideration to the new M5 and M6. These game-improvement irons feature the new Speed Bridge™ that enhances energy transfer. Connecting the top line to the lower cavity, it stiffens the clubhead structure and allows the flexible thru-slot Speed Pocket™ behind the face to generate even more ball speed. That translates to extra distance. “In order to hit the ball high and soft, you need to have speed,” says TaylorMade staffer Tiger Woods, who plays the P7TW irons in competition. “If you can hit it further and slightly more accurately -- especially on a mis-hit -- that’s what makes you come back. If the equipment can help do it for you, it’s only going to make it simpler to hit the ball higher, further and softer. It makes the game so much more enjoyable.”

The Speed Bridge™ also reduces unwanted low-frequency vibrations for a satisfying impact sound along with solid feel. The more compact of these two irons, the metallic-looking M5 has a clean shape. Tungsten weighting helps you maximize power and forgiveness without sacrificing soft feel. The slightly larger M6 is accented with red, features more offset and incorporates a 360-degree undercut that effectively lowers the center of gravity, to help get shots airborne with ease.


If you’re a low-to-mid handicap, value having a player’s iron look and want maximum distance, then the P790 is a must-try. It’s a classic forged club that also produces game-improvement distance. Inside the hollow clubhead, SpeedFoam™ generates ball speed while optimizing sound and feel. A cut-thru Speed Pocket™ on the sole creates extreme flexibility in the lower part of the ultra-thin clubface. That amplifies forgiveness and consistency beyond anything you’ll experience in every other distance iron. Metal-injection-molded tungsten weighting adds workability. No wonder P790 has been the top-selling players’ distance iron since its introduction.

If you prefer a more-refined player’s-style clubhead, you’re going to covet the P760. Forged from soft carbon steel, it’s perfectly suited for better players and Tour pros, alike. The set is progressively shaped, with performance individually optimized for each club. SpeedFoam™ in the hollow-body long irons enhances distance and soft feel. And the lightweight face creates more speed, accuracy and playability. One-piece short irons look clean and compact, and feel buttery at impact. Bottom line: P760 generates distance and soft feel without sacrificing Tour-like looks, workability or consistency.

Everyone’s swing is different, but there’s ultimately a TaylorMade iron that will help take your game to the next level.