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Fitness Friday: The ultimate exercise for Golfer's Elbow

October 06, 2011

*Editor's note: Every week my colleague Ron Kaspriske, Golf Digest Fitness Editor, presents Fitness Friday on the Instruction Blog. He gives you a health and fitness tip or an exercise or stretch to get your body warmed up for the weekend. This week he demonstrates the best exercise to combat tendonitis in the elbow. Look for Saturday Morning Tip tomorrow, and remember to follow me on Twitter: @RogerSchiffman

Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

Golf Digest*

__Here's Ron:__Whenever I see my friend Don Hurter, the head professional at Castle Pines Golf Club near Denver, it doesn't take long for the conversation to drift over to a topic of mutual interest--elbow tendonitis. We've both suffered from it for several years and are always looking for new ways to treat it.

After speaking with several orthopedic doctors and physical therapists on the subject, I've come to understand that it's what you do when you're not feeling any pain that matters most. Tendonitis comes and goes, especially if you're not swinging a golf club every day. For instance, mine always feels better in the winter when I'm not playing as much. It's at those times, the experts say, you need to attack the problem with better forearm and shoulder strength training. Your wrist and shoulder joints are supposed to be flexible enough to protect your elbow joint from any unnecessary torsion.

There are a number of exercises I've demonstrated in the past that will help, but while experimenting in the gym, I've come up with what might be the best all-around exercise for golfers who suffer from tendonitis. I know this because I've been doing it regularly, and the ** pain in my elbows (I have it in both arms) has been virtually unnoticeable--and this is peak golf season for me.

If that weren't enough of a sell, then consider that this exercise also will improve your golf swing. OK, enough of the big speech. To see me demonstrate it, click on the video below. And remember, only do this exercise after the inflammation subsides. If you're hurting, the best way to treat tendonitis is with rest, ice (15 minutes an hour, max) and anti-inflammatory medications such as Naproxen Sodium or Ibuprofen.

*Ron Kaspriske

Fitness Editor

Golf Digest*