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When it comes to making golf parody music videos, no one touches Tiffany Joh

September 01, 2015

Move over, Golf Boys. When it comes to making golf parody music videos, it's a golf girl who is by far the most prolific.

Tiffany Joh makes a living playing on the LPGA Tour, but she's grown her fan base my making funny videos that mix popular beats with her own lyrics. Oh, and unlike Bubba, Rickie, and the boys, she can actually sing as well as play guitar.

We recently stumbled upon Joh's latest effort, "Solheim Cup," and then discovered she's been creating these gems for years. You can check out all of Joh's videos on her YouTube channel, cupofjoh, but here's a sampling:

"Solheim Cup"

"What's Up With Lexi?"

"Yangster's Paradise" featuring Vicky (Hurst) Minaj and Notorious J.O.H. (Love that):

"I'm About To Make A Snowman":

Her most watched video (nearly 100,000 views to date), "Grip It":

And our personal favorite, "All I Do Is Win":

"Wonder why it's different on the LPGA? Cause Wiesy's dancing like a weirdo while we wait on the jetway!" Great line.

And here's a video of Joh doing a short cover of Michael Jackson's "Black or White" and talking about how she got into music:

We're sorry it took so long to discover Joh's other talents, but we're glad we know about them now. Keep the hits coming, Tiff-, sorry, make that the Notorious J.O.H.