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What's your golf New Year's resolution? Here are ours

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Ah, New Years. The time when all the horrible stuff you did the year before magically disappears, and you can proceed with a fresh slate. No more reliving all those three-putt bogeys, those snap hooks out of bounds and those shanked wedges -- you know, the *really *awful stuff. Why, what were you thinking?


Golf Digest Editors__

__Make more putts inside 10 ft. I'll do this by hitting more putts on the carpet at work. Hopefully my boss won't mind. . .

--Luke Kerr-Dineen, Assistant Editor

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To stay in the moment. Too often, I dwell on mistakes I made on the last hole (or even a few holes ago), so I'm going to work hard on focusing on the current situation. This hole; this shot; this moment.

--Ashley Mayo, Editor, Audience Engagement

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Beat a Golf Digest editor in stroke play in 2014. It hasn't (come close) to happening yet to this 25-handicap. But it's a new year, with new goals. Nothing personal, y'all. Let's go!

--Stephen Hennessey, Assistant Editor

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Hit more draws with the driver. Shouldn't be too hard to do considering I managed all of three in 2013. . .

--Alex Myers, Associate Editor

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Sneak in more two- and three-hole rounds. One way to play more in general is to take advantage of that occasional free hour before dark. It's a great way to practice, and an even better way to clear your head.

--Sam Weinman, Web Editor

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  1. Setup alignment sticks every time I practice.2. Stop giving myself 3-footers.3. Win something that matters.4. Make the bag boys at Pound Ridge GC feel like princes.

--Max Adler, Staff Writer

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Richard Spencer Churchill: To swing slower on my backswing.

Chris Bourquin: To check my ego at the door and make course management No. 1. Less poor decision making; more playing the odds.

Jason White: My resolution isn't about my swing, or breaking a score barrier, it's to simply let go and just have fun when I play. That's what it's all about anyways!

Don Trenary: To leave my "foot wedge" in my bag.

Dan Jacobs: Improve my core strength and flexibility.

Brad Sandifer: Hit a bucket of balls once a week. Walk more when I play. Find more golf buddies.

Eliza Lazar McNulty: To play St. Andrews with my husband for his 40th birthday!

Peter Bunevich: To never compound a small mistake and turn a bogey into an "other".

Al Schrand: To play within myself, meaning swing smooth and effortless! 300 yd drives aren't needed to shoot in the 70s.

Jeff Krauser: Walk 18 as much as possible.

Timothy Astleford: My resolution is to use course management more and not try to be a hero.

Dennis Hinkel: To work on my short game more frequently. Twice as much as I work on banging the driver at the driving range.__


@GolfDigestMag Like all the other years: swing easy, hit hard.

-- Ronald Beer (@Calculator60) December 30, 2013

@GolfDigestMag Hit all fairways in one round.

-- Derek Evers (@derekevers) December 30, 2013

@GolfDigestMag invest in better technique and productive practice rather than new 'toys'. Get handicap below 15 and play to it.

-- David Digby (@Diggers8) December 30, 2013

@GolfDigestMag Get a golf scholarship from a University!

-- John Breen (@johnmbreen) December 30, 2013

@GolfDigestMag would love to break 75 from the tips at my home club. #motivation #NewYearResolutiongolf

-- Mike A. Paugh (@WestByGod_Mike) December 30, 2013

@GolfDigestMag would love to break 75 from the tips at my home club. #motivation #NewYearResolutiongolf

-- Mike A. Paugh (@WestByGod_Mike) December 30, 2013

@GolfDigestMag still the same get to a single digit handicap and stay there! Right at the cusp...and play #bandondunes

-- Udai Tennati (@UTscramble) December 30, 2013

@GolfDigestMag I'll be in Norway all year, so it's going to be to try and play all the courses in the country :)

-- eric sefcik (@mrbubbles0311) December 30, 2013

From everybody at Golf Digest: Have a safe and happy New Year!