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What's Tiger been up to? Apparently giving Michelle Wie chipping lessons

January 11, 2016

Last we saw Tiger Woods, he was giving a not-so-uplifting press conference about how he doesn't know when he'll be healthy, let alone playing again. This obviously prompted a lot of speculation by the golf community as to what Tiger would be doing with his downtime. He's going to be spending time hanging out with his kids, he's going to play every video game in the world, he's going to be secretly practicing and come back stronger than ever, he's never going to play golf again, etc, etc.

We're pretty sure, however, that no one hypothesized that Tiger would be spending his time in limbo giving Michelle Wie a chipping lesson. He is, in fact, doing just that.

Woods hosted a clinic at a Tiger Woods Foundation event, and had Michelle come in and hit balls for him. Here she is demonstrating a little one-legged balance drill.

While there, Tiger gave Michelle some tips on her short game:

Between this lesson, the fact he's wearing shorts, and his being named a Ryder Cup vice captain,Woods is clearly taking on a more senior, veteran role.