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Whatever you do, do NOT play this pro golfer in beer pong

June 07, 2017

Beer pong hustlers are everywhere, so watch out. Not that losing at beer pong is particularly bad (Drinking is kind of the point, after all). Unless you're playing beer pong for money. Which is just stupid.

Anyway, if you find yourself staring down Sophie Godley on the other end of the table, good luck. The FIU graduate turned pro golfer must have minored in the game because she has quite a knack for knocking ping-pong balls into plastic cups. And she can do it while wielding a golf club. Check out these skills.

And how about this one in which Sophie hits a shot backward between her legs and into a glass of red wine?

And here's a look at Sophie's full swing on the range, where she stacks red Solo cups to use as targets: