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What you cared about in 2015: Jordan Spieth, trick shots, and (of course) Tiger Woods

December 17, 2015

There was no shortage of news in 2015. The drama-packed year made it easy for us to pump out a steady stream of content, and we published 18,000 Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram images from our social media platforms. We used the top-performing posts on each platform to gauge your interest in certain topics, and we discovered a few trends.

You love Jordan Spieth. First of all, you love that he's an insanely-great golfer (two of our top-performing Facebook posts were about Spieth's on-course domination).

Secondly, you're enthralled by how much money he earned on the golf course. Our tweet about it was our fourth best-performing tweet of the year (it reached 4.5 million people), and our Instagram post about it was our third-best performing post of the year.

Lastly, you're captivating by what a seemingly cool guy he is off the course. His selfie atop the Empire State building and the photo of him with his sister, Ellie, were our second- and fourth-best performing Instagram images.

Rickie is the king of cool. His impressive win at the Players earned him our top-performing Instagram image and our fifth-best performing Facebook post of 2015.

And you really loved his walk-off hole-in-one.

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. You guys (still) can't get enough of him.

Here he is with Shooter McGavin (our fifth-best performing Instagram post)

And you seemed super interested in the wear patterns he created in 2005.

And you loved watching him watch a train.

Trick shots. Specifically, Byran Bros trick shots. They registered quite highly across all three platforms, including this Facebook post, which was our fourth-best performing post of the year.

Happy Gilmore. Whenever any tour pro attempts it, you watch.

Jason Day's story (and his adorable son). Your fascination with Day's childhood made the following tweet the single-best performing tweet of the year (it generated 8.5 million impressions):

And you loved our Instagram of the January 2016 cover.

Randomness. You guys just love those random, out-there posts.

Our most-commented Instagram post is about Golfboards.

Our tweet about random objects that are sneaky-good training aids registered well (it's our third-best tweet of the year).

And even this entirely random tweet that we didn't anticipate would perform THAT well became our fifth-best tweet of the year.