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What was up with Brooks Koepka's shoes at the Tour Championship?

August 24, 2019
TOUR Championship - Round Two

Kevin C. Cox

ATLANTA—For much of the week, it's been what Brooks Koepka hasn't worn that's garnered attention. But on Friday, the four-time major's fashion choice sent golf fans scrambling for answers.

Cameras caught Koepka wearing what appeared to be a zip-line tag on his Nike shoes, a piece that didn't seem conducive to play. Following his round, one that saw the reigning and likely Player of the Year take a one-shot lead, Koepka was indignant that fans hadn't picked up on his trendsetter look:

Q. People were asking what's on your shoes, Oasis?
BROOKS KOEPKA: The Off-Whites? It's fashion, Bro.

Q. No, the other.
BROOKS KOEPKA: This is such like a typical golf nerd, like 40-year-old white man like --

Q. I've got two kids.
BROOKS KOEPKA: I don't know how to explain it. It's Off-White. It's fashion. I guarantee the whole golf world has no clue what Off-White is, but it's fresh. If you're a sneaker head, you'll get it -- or into fashion. Sneaker heads know, yeah.

Q. Sneaker heads know.

Q. Will I explain to the 40-year-old white golf guys? No.
BROOKS KOEPKA: The average guy won't know what the deal is.

Well, this average 32-year-old white golf guy remains lost.

According to fashion site Hypebeast, "the collaborative sneaker has also been embellished with contrasting white details found on the Swoosh insignias and Off-White’s signature text branding located on the medial portions. To finish off the pair, the updated Nike Air Max 90s have been re-soled with a grass-ready spiked outsole."

As for that tag? What signifies an Off-White product—designed by Virgil Abloh, an artistic director for Louis Vuitton—is a zip-tie that hangs from the laces. Essentially similar to keeping a New Era sticker on a hat ... only if that hat cost $800.

Personally, this feels like something out of "Zoolander." Conversely, perhaps golf has become so easy for Koepka that he now challenges himself by playing with a fork sticking out of his sneaks.