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What to watch for in the third round

June 20, 2009

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. -- As soft as Bethpage Black is, watch for these third round hot spots:

__Hole 8: P__ar 3 is playing from forward-most tee 142 yards with a hole cut front-center. This brings the newly shaven bank the into play. The USGA notice says "should play into north wind on Sunday." Translation: it will be quite easy to spin the ball back into the pond.

Hole 14: Almost using the new right corner hole location created since 2002, the cup is cut close to a steep drop off where balls are saved by the grandstand and a free drop area. Still, it's a tough up and down and shots missed right of the grandstand could kick 30-yards down a hill. The hole will play 174 yards.

-- Geoff Shackelford