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What if Valentine's Day worked like this ...

February 14, 2014

*"Honey," *says your wife/girl friend/significant other, *"spring golf is right around the corner, and I know how difficult it is to work on your game during these long, cold winter months. So ... I went ahead and bought you an indoor hitting bay for our basement! Now you can hit balls all night long as opposed to just checking out your imaginary swing in the mirror in our bathroom!"


"Then I thought to myself, 'how's my guy supposed to get a read on his smash factor and launch angle by just beating balls into the SwingBox?' So I did some research and picked up the Flightscope Xi. I read at how this personal launch monitor was very well received at the PGA Merchandise Show last month." *


*"Finally, I figured, what good is all that practice gear if you don't go out and play somewhere special? Well, I booked a trip for you, Tom, Dick and Harry to go down to North Carolina at the end of March to play Dormie Club, Pine Needles and Pinehurst No. 2. I figured you guys would want to know what those pros are complaining about when they are playing in the U.S. Open this year. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie!"



"Oh, and thanks for the chocolates, which I won't eat, and the flowers from the grocery store. They're just what I wanted!"