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What happened on the 18th hole was crazy, and people on Twitter weren't too happy about it

August 10, 2014

Here's how it went in the final minutes of the PGA Championship: Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler were in the 18th fairway at Valhalla, and it was getting really dark. With Phil and Rickie's tentative blessing, the PGA of America allowed Rory McIlroy and Bernd Wiesberger to play up with them. The problem was that Rory was under the impression they would all play the hole together, and Phil thought he was only letting Rory's group hit their drives.

It quickly descended into a farce: funny at first but a slightly disappointing finish to an otherwise fantastic major championship. In the end, Rory two-putted from about 30 feet for par in the pitch black.

And, as you may expect, it didn't go unnoticed on Twitter: