What Do Women Want?

September 17, 2009

I'll admit it. I don't often open press releases. I simply drag them into a folder (creatively called "Press Releases") and wait for them to pile up. Right now I have 83 unread releases.

But the title of Precept's latest announcement caught my attention: "Precept Knows What Women Want." Do you? Really? I'm usually wary of companies that claim they know what we want. My image of a bunch of older guys trying to decipher our utmost desires makes it seem unreasonable.


And, of course, the ball comes in white, clear white and the same bright pink that Paula Creamer plays with (white is so pre-Creamer). The iQ Plus balls hit stores this month, and cost $20 a dozen.

So what do you think. Does Precept really know what women want?

--Ashley Mayo