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Video: What can an 11-year-old do that you can't?

May 24, 2014

Aside from qualify for the U.S. Open, that is?

Grade-schooler Lucy Li made history this week when she won her USGA sectional outside San Francisco, earning a ticket to Pinehurst as the youngest player ever to qualify for a U.S. Open--male or female.

There are plenty of precocious players shooting low scores before junior high, and even Top 50 teacher Jim McLean didn't think Li would necessarily be a world-beater when he started teaching her at age 7. But by the next year, Li was doing things like this:

Don't try that at home.

Now, McLean pegs her as a fast-track candidate for No. 1 in the world--even though she won't be able to drive until after the next presidential administration. "She's a genius."