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Weird golf news of the week: Swedish golfer gets one-year ban for being in "too great a hurry"

March 16, 2015

According to TT News Agency, a Swedish golfer will be banned from playing golf for a year. The reason? He was in "too great a hurry" during a scramble.

The man in question committed the offense in the fall when he hit a shot that struck someone's hand in the group in front of him. That player is reported to have had to take a seven-week break due to the injury.

The man was appealing his sentence because he waited until the green had cleared before hitting the shot, but the Swedish Golf Federation upheld the penalty. Under the ban, the man can't play any golf course in Sweden for 12 months. Harsh, perhaps, but it's another reminder that you can never be too safe on a golf course.

And if you're wondering how this will be enforced, our Swedish colleague, Stina Sternberg, explains: "Every Swedish course/club is a member of the SGF, as is every golfer -- it's mandatory and part of the golf in membership fee -- so he could never sign in at a course to play without being red-flagged in the system."

We hope he has a passport.