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Weird Golf News of the Week: Nearly 100 unmarked graves discovered at golf course

May 30, 2014

Have you ever felt haunted by a particular hole? Maybe there's more to it than you think.

At North Fulton Golf Course in Chastain Park (just outside of Atlanta, Ga.), one man, park operations director Ray Mock, recently discovered up to 84 unmarked graves right near the fifth hole. WSB-TV in Atlanta had the story that includes this video:

How is this possible? Mock said he always knew there were graves in the park, he just didn't know exactly where until he looked at an old map. Then, he hired someone to use ground-mapping sonar to locate the plots. Again, how is it possible? It's not like we're talking one or two buried cats here. No one ever noticed that 84 graves went missing?

The answer seems to lie in who was buried there. Mock said two poorhouses were located in the park up until sometime in the 1960s and that those buried on the grounds probably resided there.

The graves are being marked with orange flags for the time being with possible plans for wild flowers and a sign explaining the graveyard. In other words, at least golfers will know if they're playing from a, um, buried lie.